NEW YORK (PIX11) — Brigette Vicenty has a passion for trash.

Vicenty turned that passion into purpose as the CEO and co-founder of the Inner City Green Team.  She and co-founder John Johnson run the recycling operation on two New York City Housing Authority developments.  

Vicenty and johnson lead a team of six NYCHA residents at the Wagner Houses. Their mission is to create a convenient system of recycling for families in the 22 buildings here. Each household gets special bags and put their recyclables inside.  Then residents leave the bags outside their door once a week. The Inner City Green Team picks them up. Krystal Roper from the Wagner Houses says she just started recycling because it’s easy to do and at her doorstep. 

PIX11 News first met Vicenty at the Brownsville Houses in 2019. Her work all started in the community center basement. In Brownsville, her team helped recycle 16 tons of plastic, paper, metal, and glass. So far this year at the Wagner Houses, the Inner City Green Team has collected more than 30,000 pounds of recyclables. They are also implementing a food recycling program and new rat mitigation plan. 

Vicenty and Johnson say their ultimate goal is to expand the program to the over 320 plus NYCHA developments. She is working on getting more funding and more workers.