NEW YORK (PIX11) — The Adams administration turned its focus on “ghost cars.”

Mayor Eric Adams, along with the New York City Sheriff’s Office and NYPD, announced on Tuesday that cars caught with illegal, fake, paper license plates will be towed — and could potentially be auctioned off.

“The law is coming after anyone who tries to make their car untraceable,” Adams said in a statement on Tuesday. “We will not allow vehicles to be weaponized and our streets to be turned into a battlefield.”

According to the NYPD, 16,448 tickets have been issued to drivers for using illegal or obstructed license plates as of Sunday. They have also towed 1,700 vehicles and seized 2,478 vehicles. 

Similar to untraceable firearms commonly known as “ghost guns” that have contributed to the uptick in shootings across New York City, “ghost cars,” according to city officials, are “fueling an epidemic of virtually untraceable cars that harm and kill pedestrians, bicyclists, and the most vulnerable.”

A stolen car with an incorrect, expired South Carolina license plate evaded a car stop in Brooklyn and fatally struck a 67-year-old grandmother and critically injured an 8-year-old boy on June 25, according to authorities. 

Police have reportedly placed more attention on cracking down on obscured and illegal plates in all 77 precincts and across all five boroughs.