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THE BRONX — Hours and hours after Tropical Storm Ida dumped torrential rain that created historic flooding, New Yorkers were still bailing out cars they’d abandoned Wednesday night in order to save their lives.

Hundreds of cars were stranded in Mount Vernon, Westchester and the Bronx alone.

AAA said it’s seen a 450% increase in requests for tows; that began at 11 p.m. Wednesday.

And when you make the trek to retrieve your vehicle — maybe on the Bronx River Parkway, which looks more like the river that bears its name — experts say not to expect much.

“Unfortunately,” Robert Sinclair of AAA said, with the computers and electronics in modern vehicles, “if you get inundated by water, you probably have a scrap of junk right now.

By Thursday night, all previously disabled vehicles due to flooding had been removed from Manhattan and Brooklyn, though the Bronx remained impacted, the NYPD said.