CITY HALL, Manhattan (PIX11) — Hundreds of nonprofit workers rallied at City Hall in Manhattan on Thursday for the Just Pay Campaign, calling on the City Council as well as Mayor Eric Adams to address low wages paid to human services workers.

Despite the importance of the community work they provide, especially during the pandemic, these employees are among some of the lowest-paid in the city. The Center for New York City Affairs at The New School found roughly two-thirds of nonprofit human services workers in New York City are living in poverty.

Members of the City Council told PIX11 News they are just starting to look at legislation to raise the minimum wage of these workers to $21 an hour.

City Council member Oswald Feliz, who represents parts of the Bronx said with rent as high as it is, many workers can’t afford to live on their hourly wage.

“Rent for a one-bedroom in the Bronx goes for $2,000. Several of these workers cannot afford to pay their rent and $21 an hour is not enough,” Feliz said.