MANHATTAN (PIX11) — Customers rolling up to New York’s first legal dispensary should hit up an ATM first; the joint is cash only.

The Lower Manhattan store, operated by the nonprofit Housing Works, sells a range of products from around $18 to about $130. Edibles, prerolls, flower, vapes and more are for sale to those 21 and older.

A perusal of products listed on their website and in the store shows prices ranging from:

  • Edibles: $30-$35
  • A blunt: $18 – $50
  • Premium flower: $40 – $130
  • Vape pens: $45 – $95

Those hoping to make purchases should expect long lines. Though licenses have been approved for 36 dispensaries, the one operated by Housing Works at 750 Broadway is the only one currently open. Delivery is also an option under state guidelines.