BOGOTA, N.J. (PIX11) — A fast-moving thunderstorm tore through the Tri-state region on Friday, leaving behind a path of destruction. 

No matter how many times you hear about severe thunderstorm warnings, you never think lightning will strike your block or even your house. 

“It was a very loud boom, and I knew it was lightning and somewhere close,” Janet Montalbano, a neighbor told PIX11 News. 

Everyone who lives in this block heard the lightning strike the house on Walnut Avenue.

They all described the incredibly loud crack and boom at 3:30 p.m., Friday afternoon and then they saw the ball of fire. But it was one neighbor who lived a few doors away who was the biggest hero among heroes.

“I saw fire on the side of the house. I called 911 and started banging on the door,” the neighbor told PIX11 News. 

The neighbor did not want her name used and neither did the family who lost everything in this four-alarm fire. The homeowner was home as her elderly mother in a wheelchair was in the basement apartment along with her beloved dog. 

Police and the neighbor helped all three get out safely. 

“We went downstairs to try to get her mom out,” the neighbor told PIX11 News. “She is in a wheelchair, and we got her close to the exit,” she added.

This fast-moving storm also wreaked havoc across the tristate. Several trees in Newark came crashing down and on Staten Island this tree caught fire. But the worst destruction was to the house on Walnut Avenue and now neighbors are coming together to help the family in need. 

“If they feel they need any support, we are more than happy to help,” Eddie Garcia, a neighbor, said.