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NEW YORK CITY — While packing up his life in Albany, Gov. Andrew Cuomo sicced his attorney once again Friday on the women accusing him of sexual misconduct, allegations that eventually led to his resignation announcement.

Reiterating several previously made claims, Cuomo attorney Rita Glavin said New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report is not complete.

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Meanwhile, Cuomo’s successor, Lt. Governor Hochul, was on Long Island Friday. Even in the face of an approaching hurricane, Hochul continues to defer to Cuomo, at least for a few more days. She’d previously reiterated that there’s only one governor, and until she assumes office, Cuomo is still responsible for the state.

“I have been engaged, my team will continue to be engaged, but all of the current decision making will come out of the current governor’s office until Tuesday,” Hochul said.

Hochul made no mention Cuomo’s efforts to try and salvage his legacy. 

Hochul spoke from Suffolk County after meeting with labor leaders, and ahead of a weekend of fundraisers as she eyes running for a full term next year.

Read More: Cuomo’s attorney again attempts to discredit his accusers

She keep saying her top job is battling COVID.  However, other than signaling a mask mandate in schools, she has been light on details about other steps she might take, and even how she will ensure sure school districts comply.

“We will be looking at any enforcement mechanism and announcing those at the same time,” Hochul said.