UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan (PIX11) — Just one day after the CDC approved a new COVID-19 vaccine that targets omicron sub-variants, Gov. Kathy Hochul is urging New Yorkers to get the jab as coronavirus cases across the state are on the rise.  

“This is a new vaccine built specifically to match the circulating strains,” said Hochul. “As the virus evolves so must our response.” 

The new vaccine will be available this Friday.  

The CDC endorsed the new shots from Pfizer and Moderna for anyone six months and older.

As of Thursday, New York City’s seven-day average of positive coronavirus cases was 1,040 reported cases and 52 hospitalizations. 

“This is not the bad old days at all,” Hochul said. “We don’t anticipate getting there but shame on us if we don’t see the warnings, take precautions, be ready, and know that this can spread very quickly.” 

New York State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald said the new vaccine will tackle COVID sub-variants. 

“Fortunate for us Paxlovid will work against BA.2.86 and fortunate for us, although it’s in 11 countries right now, it’s not taking off like wildfire,” said McDonald.  

When asked about the possibility of COVID mandates returning, Governor Hochul said that while cases are rising, we are not at the point where we need to require those measures. She does, however, say it is important to stay vigilant so that we do not have to go back to where we were a few years ago.