NEW YORK (PIX11) — Gov. Kathy Hochul called out the White House Thursday for its lack of support for New York City and the state in dealing with the migrant crisis.

Mayor Eric Adams has been doing this for months, but the governor has been more diplomatic — until now. She is sending a list of demands to President Joe Biden.

“New York has shouldered this burden for far too long,” Hochul said in an address meant directly for New Yorkers. “This crisis originated with the federal government, and it must be resolved through the federal government.”

In tandem with the speech, Hochul is sending a letter to Biden demanding more money for the city and state’s efforts to shelter more than 100,000 migrants who have been bused to town.

The letter also reiterates her belief that the only way to handle this influx is to grant migrants expedited working papers, suggesting this could come through the Temporary Protected Status or TPS program.

Hochul continued to stress this will also help with New York’s current labor shortage in key industries, including hospitality.

“Our quest continues to squarely tell the White House, ‘Let them work,'” Hochul said.

City officials praised the governor for stepping up her rhetoric, but they continue to be frustrated she is refusing to stop counties outside of New York City from blocking migrant resettlement efforts.

What the governor is doing is launching a new program next month to begin finding asylum seekers work sooner.

“I’m ordering the Department of Labor to proactively connect asylum seekers with potential employers in anticipation of them receiving the work authorization,” Hochul said.