SALEM, N.Y. (PIX11) — As the seasons change from Summer to Fall, many people flock to the Hudson Valley and its picturesque countryside.  

One of the busiest spots is the Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard where the annual Fall Family Festival is underway. 

“This is our high season. This is when we really shine,” said Kristina Jahaly, Manager at Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard. 

The sun has not been shining during recent weekends. Historic rainfall in September inundated this region and kept the usual crowds of 5,000 daily visitors away. Outdoor activities like apple picking and hayrides were put on pause. 

“Typically, the show usually goes on, but this has been an unusual season. We had to cancel some dates,” said Jahaly. 

While some of the terrain is muddier than usual, most types of apples are still in season and ripe for picking. 

“We have got Macs. We have got ginger gold. We have got Braeburn. We have got gala. We have got Fuji. Golden delicious. We have got plenty, something for everybody.” 

A break in the clouds was too good to pass up for families who flocked here on this weekday afternoon. 

“The weather is beautiful. How many more days before it is bad. It has been raining every other weekend. We thought today would be a good day to get out,” said Maryann and Michael Benedetto. 

The Fall festival happens every weekend on Columbus Day. If you come during a weekday, you will not be able to pick apples, but you can still visit the pumpkin patch and you can avoid the large crowds, long lines, and traffic.