NEW YORK (PIX11) — This may not surprise many New Yorkers, but you can’t get a whole lot of space for $1,500 a month in rent. A quick look on Zillow lists less than 200 apartments for that amount, and most are under 500 square feet.

An annual analysis from Rentcafe, a nationwide listing service that helps find apartments or houses for renters and buyers, found that Manhattan ranks last in terms of space you get when paying rent — shocking!

According to RentCafe, Manhattan offers an average of 243 square feet for a $1,500 budget. A garage in a residential home that houses two cars is about 400 square feet.

However, there may be a silver lining for folks who want to live outside the isle of Manhattan. A $1,500 budget will get New Yorkers 342 square feet in Brooklyn and 393 square feet in Queens.

The same study also found that a budget of $1,500 can get you six times the amount of space in Kansas.

Those who want to still be in proximity to New York should look outside Jersey City, as the city provides less space per rental dollar than Queens, at 362 square feet for $1,500.

These numbers do not include utilities such as gas, water, electricity, cable, or Wi-Fi, according to RentCafe.