NEW YORK (PIX11) — The FDNY is dealing with an uptick in heat-related injuries and illnesses as sweltering weather continues in New York City, FDNY EMS Division Chief Grace Cacciola said Monday.

It’s ben hot for days. Temperatures are expected to stay high on Tuesday and on Wednesday.

“It’s very difficult for our call volume because out call volume is going to go up because people tend to still want to go out,” Cacciola said.

It’s not just dangerous; the heat can be deadly. There have been four heat-related deaths in New York City this summer, officials said. There are signs that indicate when hot weather becomes dangerous.

People can experience heat cramps, which is the least serious sign, Cacciola said. The next sign is heat exhaustion. Signs and symptoms are sweating, dizziness, paleness and possible confusion

“You have a total loss of fluid and salt in the body,” Cacciola said.

Without intervention, it can lead to heat stroke and even death.