NEW YORK (PIX11) — With the winter season just around the corner, Kipp Star Harlem College Prep Elementary School is on a mission to help families in need stay warm this holiday season, one sock at a time. 

Socks are the first line of protection for your feet. They reduce friction, prevent blisters and provide warmth and moisture control for feet year-round. With the cold months approaching, it’s vital to keep those extremities protected, and that’s what the students aim to do for families in need.

In October, first graders Luca and Wilmarie participated in “Soctober” along with the rest of the students at Kipp Star Harlem College Prep Elementary School. The school partnered with Exodus Transitional Community and Harlem Mothers and Fathers S.A.V.E. to collect and distribute socks throughout the Harlem community.

Brandi Vardiman, founding principal at Kipp Star Harlem College Prep Elementary School, said it was a first-time experience for the school. She said they had a modest goal of 1,000 socks, but the overwhelming response led to raising more than nine times that amount. 

Their charitable efforts inspired others to get in on the action. Parents, teachers, cafeteria staff and a local Starbucks also pitched in to lend a helping hand. 

Teachers created a Soctober tracker to document the sock collection. The goal was to keep students motivated and see visual achievements. Not only were they able to stay committed through the process, it also built a sense of community.