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NEW YORK — There’s good news from the NYPD Friday: Overall crime in New York City is down.

But below the surface, the data shows a starker picture in the battle to stop gun violence: shootings continue to surge in record numbers.

The department said gun violence has gone to levels never seen before.

Shootings are up 95% year to date compared to 2019.

And just for the month of November, police said there were 115 shootings, compared to 51 in November of 2019.

That’s almost double.

Dr. Robert Gonzalez is a criminal justice professor at Saint John’s University.

“That’s concerning, considering everything that’s going on right now in New York City,” he said.

Gonzalez said he’d have expected gun violence to decrease with less people on the street due to COVID-19.

In order for police to get a handle on gun violence, Gonzalez said he thinks the NYPD must regroup the controversial unit it disbanded earlier this year.

“In 2020, they actually disbanded their anti-crime unit on the precinct level,” he said. “Perhaps they need to rethink that and go back to that approach.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio said on a Friday radio show that the NYPD is doing everything it can to bring gun violence down, and credited them with the number of gun arrests made.