NEW YORK (PIX11) – Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating bland or boring food. Through food demonstrations at Union Square Greenmarket, GrowNYC is showing how colorful and delicious it can be.

“It gets people to stop by and come chat with us because the smells are incredible,” said Amelia Tarpey, publicity manager at Union Square Greenmarket. “There’s action happening. People want to see what’s happening.”

On Wednesday, they cooked squash sauté apple cider featuring a delicata winter squash and some fresh herbs from the market.

The demonstrations show that eating in season is affordable and that going to farmers markets doesn’t mean you’re only surrounded by specialty items.

“One of the main goals of our demos is to show people that cooking this food is really easy,” Tarpey added. “Also, you don’t have to be some fancy chef to cook this food.”

Even if market visitors weren’t thinking about buying delicata squash, trying a sample will often change their mind and then lead to supporting local farmers.

One mother and her family were sold on the dish after trying a taste.

“I will make [it] for them,” the mother said. “[It’s] really delicious.”

“It tastes really good,” her daughter added. “It has this sweet flavor. It has different flavors mixed into it.

Bobby Doherty is a frequent visitor and says walking around the market also adds to the experience.

“It’s better than a fluorescent lit-grocery store,” Doherty said. “The stuff here feels like it’s coming from actual people nearby.”

EBT and SNAP benefits are accepted and exchanged through tokens on site to make healthy eating accessible, so that New Yorkers of all financial backgrounds feel inspired to try healthy recipes.