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NEW YORK — From getting jobs for our viewers in need, to helping a 9/11 hero who needs our support, PIX11 News got a lot done this week.

Karen Caycedo was a daycare provider on 9/11 and shuttled children in shopping carts on the street to get them out of danger to safety that terrible day. However, she’s now overwhelmed by medical bills. Her husband has cancer and some of his care is not covered by her insurance. She was evicted from her home and needs help taking care of her three beautiful children.

Caycedo’s story sparked an avalanche of emails and donations. The father of one of the toddlers she saved set up a fund with our story. If you want to give here’s a link.

Remember 45-year-old Robert Cardona who spent years looking for a job and needed help. Cardona has cognitive disabilities and wants to be a manager one day. Thanks to our friends at Goodwill, he started his new job Wednesday working as a sales associate. Congratulations Robert!

PIX11 News also told viewers about a special and unusual internship program at Woodlawn cemetery. The interns graduated from the program this week. Congratulations to the graduates.

And a huge victory in Harlem on Friday. The people who live on 155th Street and Eighth Avenue have been complaining about a stretch of sidewalk that’s been a danger for more than 10 years. The DOT came by the neighborhood and fixed it within hours after the story aired on Thursday.