MANASQUAN, N.J. (PIX11) – A group of fishermen along the Jersey Shore leaped into action over the weekend to save people from a sinking boat, officials said.

The incident happened on Sunday just off the Manasquan Inlet, which divides Monmouth and Ocean counties. According to officials, captain Chris Davidson said he was setting up to go fluke fishing with others when they saw the stern of the other boat going beneath the surface.

That’s when Davidson headed to the boat and pulled four people to safety, officials said. The boat that rescued the stranded people is owned by Joey Cabasso, the president of skincare giant Mario Badescu, a spokesperson said.

“Just the hull was standing up. They were treading water. Their life vests were left on the boat. They didn’t have time to get the life vests. It all happened within two minutes,” Cabasso said. “I saw one person really treading water. An older gentleman, maybe holding onto a pillow. He was barely making it. He was about to go under the water.” Butted with every minute was crucial. If we didn’t get there, that maybe, maybe, that one guy would’ve not lived.”

Cabasso said spending money on life vests and lifeboats has been worth every penny – especially after this weekend.

“People should learn from this. Yes, it’s a happy ending. But people should learn that they should have safety. Spend money on your life,” Cabasso said.

State police arrived and brought the survivors ashore. It’s unclear why the boat sank, but Richter recommends only going out with experienced boaters and doing a few quick checks beforehand.