NEW YORK (PIX11) — State Senator Jessica Ramos is renewing her efforts to raise the minimum wage in New York from $15 an hour. 

During a march from City Hall to a local fast food restaurant Ramos told PIX11, “so many working families across New York aren’t able to make ends meet.”

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams added, “people can’t afford to live anywhere. They can’t afford good food.”

Senator Ramos is introducing legislation in Albany that would raise the minimum wage in New York incrementally to $21.25 by 2026. The legislation also calls for annual increases in inflation. 

“We’ll actually be helping 2 million workers across our state with make ends meet with an extra $2,000 a year,” Senator Ramos explained. 

Ramos tried to raise the minimum wage during the last legislative session but faced resistance.

Organizations like The Business Council of New York State have voiced concerns over raising the minimum wage, noting costs are rising for employers as well.