Ghost guns are dangerous weapons that can be assembled from home.

According to federal agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, criminals are using them more because they don’t have serial numbers and they’re hard to trace.

“It’s tougher for us to find out where they came from,” Daryl McCormick, NY’s assistant special agent in charge said Monday. “Ghost guns are self-manufactured and can be made in a basement. Criminals order parts online and make into a gun.”

They’re a growing problem in NYC.

Just this month, law enforcement made four ghost gun arrests in our area. On Long Island, a dentist allegedly had over a dozen in his home. In the Bronx, a man was caught having them in his possession.
In Queens, a 34-year old man was arrested after allegedly making threats to shoot people inside Cohen Children’s Medical Center. Multiple firearms with ghost gun parts were later found in his car.

And, on Feb. 13, an FDNY firefighter was arrested during a sting operation.

According to agents, in 2020 there were 150 ghost guns recovered and in 2021 there were 275 – more than an 80% increase.

And last month, 30 weapons with ghost gun parts were confiscated, compared to only seven during the the same time span last year.

“We use the postal service and all different methods to find where these came from – my message – you’re not anonymous,” McCormick said.

PIX11 News was also granted access inside the federal agency’s gun vault in lower Manhattan Monday – where most of the firearms were trafficked from out of state.

As the war on guns in NYC continues, federal agents say they’re working relentlessly with law enforcement partners from multiple states to find gun dealers who are getting them here.

“We can find out where they came, there’s still a paper trail – we are gonna use every technique we can,” McCormick said.

A new law is expected to take effect in NY later this year that would make buying or having ghost guns illegal.