NEW YORK (PIX11) — Grade schoolers in New York City are getting a lesson that could someday save their lives.

The FDNY brought its mobile “smokehouse” to Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy in Forest Hills on Monday. As soon as they enter the smokehouse, students learn a powerful lesson.

Unlike the movies, you are blind inside a smoky fire. Getting around means you have to “stay low and go.” It’s important to crawl on the floor and keep one hand constantly in contact with a wall.

If you find a door, you have to feel if it’s hot to the touch. If the door is hot, don’t open it. Instead, find a door that is cool to the touch and get out.

Firefighters say with the rash of e-bike fires, it’s more important than ever to know fire safety.

The fire department is also reminding New Yorkers about its Sound the Alarm Program program. If you live in the five boroughs and need a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector, you can get them installed for free.