NEW YORK (IX11) — Dozens of families displaced by Ida who’ve been living in a hotel since the storm devastated New York City need to move out by the end of the month, officials said. 

The storm, which hit in August of 2021, left around 380 families without places to live, according to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. In the time since, about 300 of those families have moved back into permanent homes. 

“No family impacted by Hurricane Ida will be left to fend for themselves, and even though federal funding already ended for the emergency hotel rooms, we will continue working tirelessly until all of these families have a place to call home,” an HPD spokesperson said. 

Families without a place to stay once they’re forced to leave their temporary hotel home will be able to stay in New York City shelters, officials said. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency ended its housing assistance in December of 2022, authorities said. New York City covered the approximately $1.4 million cost of hotels through February.

Some of those living at the Millenium Downtown hotel in Manhattan were made to leave over the weekend, according to the Legal Aid Society. One person, who has disabilities, “was removed Saturday and forced to seek refuge on the subway.”

“Residents were provided minimal notice, and we’ve yet to hear any answers from the City,” a Legal Aid Society spokesperson said. “Instead of forcing these residents onto the street, the City must immediately work to provide them housing, and in the interim, extend these hotel rooms until everyone is placed and all individual needs are accommodated for, as required by the law.”