NEW YORK (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams joined PIX11 Morning News on Wednesday to discuss his new mental health initiative for New York City, including a controversial component allowing for the possible involuntary hospitalization of some people.

Adams defended that part of the plan, noting that mental health professionals — and not just the police — are a part of the process and contending that the city has an obligation to help those who appear unable to help themselves. He added that longer term solutions are also necessary, and called for the backing of Gov. Hochul in Albany.

“There are other components to what we’re doing about the continuation of care to deal with this problem that we’ve punted for far too long,” said Adams. “I’m just not going to punt it. I’m going to meet it face-on.”

Since announcing the wider initiative on Nov. 29, Adams has faced criticism for the prospect of holding some people for treatment against their will.

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