NEW YORK (PIX11) — Traffic in New York City has been getting slower and slower. 

The number of deliveries and trucks has been an issue the city has been studying. The cargo bike industry says it can help with the frustrations on New York City roads. 

Dutch-X was founded a decade ago and has been expanding its service area. Co-founder Marcus Hoed says he thinks there’s a revolution in the city. 

“Currently, we have four bike hubs and we are opening a fifth one in a month. We are spread all over the city. We are the largest self-owned bike delivery company with about 3,800 bikes,” he said.

Reducing congestion and truck traffic is a priority for the city. The New York City Department of Transportation has been tracking the use of delivery and cargo bikes. The numbers continue to double and triple.  

Antonio Maysonet-Cruz works as a deliver service representative with Dutch-X. “All my life I have been in delivery services. It helps out the communities,” he said. 

Tests have been done with larger cargo bikes that are enclosed. Corrals and parking have been created and more projects are in the works. 

A bill currently before the New York State Legislature would increase the size of cargo bikes by about a foot. State Sen. Jessica Ramos of Queens has been working on the issue since 2020. 

Safety is a main point of the discussion.