NEW YORK (PIX11) — Enrollment in New York City’s public schools continues to decline, with massive cuts to the education system’s funding expected in the next city budget.

The number of enrolled students dropped by 3.8% compared to the 2020-2021 school year, which in turn was down from the year prior, according to statistics released by the city Department of Education. That downtrend includes decreases in enrollment offers at the kindergarten, middle school, and high school levels, the data shows.

Some 54,148 kindergarten enrollment offers were extended in 2022, down from 55,421 last year. That decline, however, was smaller than the previous year’s dip, as 62,880 offers were extended in 2020.

The drop-off was more pronounced at the middle school level, where 61,771 enrollment offers were made in 2022, versus 66,516 in 2021. Some 71,134 offers were extended in 2020, making the year-to-year drops comparable.

The decline has accelerated, however, at the high school level. Some 73,696 enrollment offers were extended in 2022, compared to 77,627 in 2021, and 78,463 in 2020.

Enrollment is up, however, at the pre-K and 3K levels, with officials attributing the latter increase to the 3K program’s expansion.

The figures were released as the school system braces for estimated funding cuts of more than $200 million under the next city budget.