NEW YORK (PIX11) — The Empire State Building lit up in green and white on Sunday in honor of the Eagles victory over the 49ers.

Many on Twitter questioned the decision to honor a Philadelphia team, especially given that the Eagles had knocked the Giants out of the running for the Super Bowl.

“As the representative for the Empire State Building, and a diehard Giants fan, let me be on the record saying that this is absolutely ridiculous,” NYC Councilmember Keith Powers tweeted.

One Twitter user showed a video of an upset Giants Coach Brian Daboll in response, captioning the video: “Every New Yorker seeing the Empire State Building right now.”

New York City’s Sanitation Department took offense to the lights.

“For anyone who finds this as treacherous, traitorous, and unforgivable as we do – just pretend it’s green and white for #NewYorksStrongest,” the department tweeted. “We take out the trash every day…and next year, that’ll include the Eagles.”

A spokesperson said the department would “not tolerate this kind of slanderous activity in support of a rival city.”

New York City’s Buildings Department also chimed in.

“How are we going to explain this to all of the other buildings. They looked up to you,” the department tweeted.

One user on Twitter was prepared to “pick a fight with the Empire State Building.”

As for the Giants themselves? The team account tweeted “I’m just here for the comments.”

After the Chiefs beat the Bengals, the Empire State building switched colors to support the Chiefs.

“That hurt us more than it hurt you,” the Empire State Building tweeted about its time lit up in support of the Eagles. “We’re now lit for the @chiefs in honor of their AFC Championship Win.”