NEW YORK (PIX11) – See something, say something and report illegal parking to the New York City Department of Transportation.

The DOT on Wednesday launched a new website where New Yorkers can report double parkers. Double parking is illegal in New York City and it often blocks areas such as bike and bus lanes.

“We want New Yorkers to help us pin down double parking and blocked bus and bike lanes across our city,” said NYC DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. “Our new web platform will empower New Yorkers to join the conversation about where problems exist.”

Every New Yorker has seen cars stacked next to each other. Double parking often occurs when vehicles are loading and unloading. Double parking causes blocked bike and bus lanes, which create safety hazards and cause traffic congestion, said the DOT.

The new website allows users to place pins on a map to show where they spotted double parking. This will help officials identify problem areas.

The NYC DOT will then utilize the information to help determine where additional loading zones should be placed throughout the city.

“Double parking is a chronic issue throughout our city,” said Council Member Amanda Farías. “It is not only illegal to double-park your car, but it puts others in danger when neighbors cannot cross traffic safely.”