NEW YORK — Subway safety is at the forefront of many New Yorkers’ minds.

Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a plan to fight back against violence underground Friday, starting by beefing up security.

Still, violence erupted Saturday. One homeless man was stabbed early Saturday morning in Queens while three men attempted to rob him. Later, another man was stabbed in Manhattan — also during an attempted robbery

“We are not going to live in fear because we can’t get our system operating correctly,” Adams said Friday.

However, many commuters do have concerns. They said safety needs to be addressed, and quickly.

“I personally don’t feel safe,” one woman told PIX11 News.

Another woman said it’s necessary to stay “vigilant,” noting that violent — and even deadly — incidents seem to be happening more frequently.

Violent crime on New York City transit systems is surging. Compared to last year, riders are dealing with 60% more criminal incidents.

As part of its new safety plan, the city will deploy up to 30 new joint response teams to specifically deal with situations involving the homeless. City officials are hopeful their new safety plan will get results and make everyone’s ride more enjoyable by keeping troublemakers in check.

“No more just doing whatever you want,” Adams said. “Those days are over. Swipe your card, ride the system, get off at your destination.”