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As more people are scheduling COVID-19 vaccines or boosters, doctors want to remind residents to also make an appointment for a flu shot, especially as the peak season approaches.

To help Bronx residents brace for what could be a nasty flu season, The Mount Hope Family Practice opened its doors for community members to roll up their sleeves. It’s part of the Bronx Health REACH second annual Flu Fighters campaign.

Organizers say health disparities can impact the number of residents who receive the flu shot.
In 2020, less than half of Black and Latinx populations in the Bronx received the flu shot.

Dr. Philip Asar, a physician assistant with Mount Hope Family Practice, said the initiative is a way to make the region healthier, especially for those with underlying health conditions.

“If you have diabetes, hypertension, cancer, smoker, your immune system is compromised and not able to fight off infections easily and it’s necessary you get vaccinated to prevent serious disease,” said Dr. Asare.

Bronx resident Luis Maria doesn’t want to be another statistic. He’s trusting science, getting both his COVID booster and the flu shot, and anticipating a fun-filled holiday season.

“I’ve got asthma so the flu is dangerous for me,” said Maria. “Think about the person next to you, not just yourself”

The Flu Fghters campaign runs until end of the year.

Then there’s a Flu shot clinic every Wednesday at The Mount Hope Family Practice until March.