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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Deputy Chief John Chell has a grim warning for New Yorkers: “Fentanyl does not discriminate.”

After the death of actor Michael K. Williams, Chell and his team at the NYPD’s 90th Precinct immediately went to work. Their mission: to track the street crew accused of selling the deadly heroin to Williams. They started with tips from the community.

“We just went to our sources on the street,” Chell said. “We put it together rather quickly as to what happened.”

Five months after the 54-year-old Williams was found unresponsive in his Brooklyn apartment, police arrested and charged the four men allegedly connected to the case. One of those men, Irvin Cartagena, is allegedly seen on video selling Williams the deadly batch of drugs.

Williams’ family said they’re happy justice is being served, but are upset by the image’s release. They said they don’t want Williams’ legacy to be tarnished because of the photo’s release.

Chell said what happened to Williams is all too common. The city has seen an increase in narcotics cases, and criminals are using creative methods to sneak drugs into the city; Chell vowed to not stop investigating and protecting people like Williams.

“Hopefully we brought some closure to [his] family,” Chell said.