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NEW YORK — Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a personnel order Thursday to provide 20,000 New York City employees with paid parental leave.

“For too long, new parents have faced the impossible choice between bonding with their child and paying their bills,” De Blasio said in a statement.

The order will allow nonunion workers to take six weeks of paid time off. They can also choose to combine it with existing leave — meaning employees can take up to 12 weeks maternity, paternity, adoption or foster care leave without losing money or their job.

“Paid parental leave means healthier and more financially stable families, more effective workplaces, and a stronger and more just city — which everyone can get behind.”

De Blasio’s order took into effect on Dec. 22, 2015.

Austin and Pittsburgh are the only cities that currently offer six weeks of paid parental leave.

There has been a fight to change legislation when it comes to paid parental leave for new parents. The Family Medical Leave Act allows women to take up to 12 weeks off from work on maternity leave without the fear of losing their job. The act does not guarantee that employers will pay the new moms.

Some major companies have already implemented longer parental leave for new parents. In August, Netflix announced it will be offering its employees unlimited paid maternity and paternity leave for new parents after a child’s birth or adoption.

Netflix said on its website the reason for the move was to “foster a freedom and responsibility culture.”