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Police Officer Ramon Suarez is pictured helping a woman to safety at the World Trade Center. (NYPD)

NEW YORK —  The daughter of a New York Police Department officer killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks has been sworn in as a member of the force.

Jillian Suarez’ father, an NYPD officer, was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Now she’s following in his footsteps. She was sworn in as an NYPD officer on Thursday. (NYPD)

Jillian Suarez was sworn in Thursday along with 270 other recruits during an NYPD ceremony held at the city’s police academy in Queens. Her father, Officer Ramon Suarez, was killed during rescue efforts at the World Trade Center. He was last seen running back into the North Tower after and and another officer saved a woman who was unable to walk.

Suarez was nine when her father was killed. Her birthday was just two days before the attack. She remembered seeing her dad in uniform all the time.

“I always admired him for that,” she said. “He truly loved his job.”

She’s carrying on his legacy of service. Suarez, who graduated from St. John’s University and worked at the NYPD Forensics Lab before starting at the police academy, hopes to carry her father’s police shield.