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NEW YORK — An attorney for former Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on New York Attorney General Letitia James to recuse herself from all investigations and matters related to Cuomo in a formal letter on Thursday.

Attorney Rita Glavin said James was too involved in what was supposed to be an independent report into alleged sexual misconduct and should recuse herself because she’s now running for governor.

“They have to step away because someone running for governor has every motivation to prolong that investigation to ensure former Gov. Cuomo isn’t a political threat,” Glavin said.

Meanwhile, lawmakers were back in Albany on Thursday to review an unreleased report looking at a range of possible misconduct by Cuomo.

The report was expected to summarize the state Assembly’s impeachment investigation, which ended when Cuomo resigned.

Glavin said she sent a second formal letter to the Assembly on Thursday calling on lawmakers to provide an advanced copy of the report and all related evidence so Cuomo could prepare a response.

It’s unclear when lawmakers will release the report detailing their impeachment investigation, however, Glavin urged lawmakers on Thursday to not rely on the attorney general’s sexual harassment report that ultimately led to Cuomo’s resignation due to “material omissions and errors.”