Can Cuomo survive piling scandals? Exclusive insights from PIX11 polling

Cuomo Crisis

More insights from the Emerson College/PIX11/NewsNation poll explain what Gov. Andrew Cuomo may be trying to accomplish in the days and weeks ahead as he is investigated for accusations of sexual harassment — and his handling of nursing homes.

Cuomo may have good reason to beg New Yorkers to not pass judgement on him yet when it comes to the claims of sexual harassment now made by three women.  The accusations are seemingly not yet fully resonating with most New Yorkers, especially other women, polling data shows.

According to the PIX11 poll, only 35% of women think Cuomo is guilty of sexual harassment — compared to 41% of men.

Among the reasons Cuomo might have been defiant about calls for him to resign is strong support — 61% among African Americans, a key constituency of his Democratic Party. The governor’s support is only 39% among Latinos and 26% among white New Yorkers.

Cuomo also still has strong support in more diverse New York City, where his approval is 53% as opposed to 38% statewide. However, on the whole, New Yorkers are not so sure Cuomo can do the job anymore.

The Emerson College/PIX11/NewsNation poll asked if the controversies would affect Cuomo’s ability to lead New York: 39% of New Yorkers said these scandals will seriously affect him; 31% said it will have no affect; 16% were unsure and 14% said they never liked Cuomo in the first place.

Cuomo may not resign, but it is also becoming clearer he simply may not be politically viable enough to run for a fourth term in 2022.

PIX11 polling shows 77% of independents do not want him to run again, and almost half of Democrats have also abandoned him.

While the governor remains popular in the city, he has lost almost every other part of the state, including Long Island, where 58% of people say he should resign over his handling of nursing homes and 54% say he should resign over accusations of sexual harassment.

PIX11, NewsNation and Emerson College are currently conducting a follow-up poll that will get a better sense of how New Yorkers felt about Cuomo’s Wednesday apology.

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