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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo slammed the Attorney General’s report, which found he sexually harassed multiple women, during a 30 minute speech at the God’s Battalion of Prayer church in Brooklyn Sunday morning.

Cuomo pointed out that while several district attorneys investigated claims made against him, none of those investigations led to criminal charges. 

“My father was right,” Cuomo said. “politics can be a dirty business.”

In the 1990s, Karen Hinton was Cuomo’s press secretary. Hinton says at the time, Cuomo hugged her inappropriately; it’s an accusation Cuomo denies. She listened to the Sunday speech closely. 

“He is still is calling those women basically liars and not understanding what he said to them,” Hinton said during an interview with PIX11 News. “He clearly is thinking about his future, and what he does, does he run for office or not.”

Cuomo did appear to hint at a political comeback during his Sunday address.

“He’s still got about $16 million in the bank,” explained Basil Smikle, Jr. “Maybe we’ll see him do something this year. There’s still a little time to get on the ballot.”

Smikle runs the public policy program at Hunter College.

“He’s still very adamant about, he didn’t do anything wrong and in some ways, he seems to blame the victims and that’s not that’s not good for the road to rehabilitation,” Smikle said.