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STAMFORD, Conn. — Firefighters in Connecticut were called to rescue two people who’s vehicle had gone underwater during the blizzard Monday, according to the Stamford Fire Department.

Firefighters in Stamford got a call at around 2:10 p.m. of a four-door pickup truck partially submerged and floating approximately 40 feet off the shore of Cummings Park.

A woman was visible and standing in the rear cargo area of the truck, shouting that there was a man trapped inside the submerged cab. The extreme winds, snow, and tide continued to move the vehicle and cause it to fill with water.

Three firefighters in cold water rescue suits swam to the truck’s location and with the help of a ladder truck, got out to the vehicle. SCUBA divers also arrived on scene.

After getting the woman into the tower ladder, they attempted to get the man out of the vehicle through a small open rear window. The man’s size made it very challenging, according to the Stamford Fire Department. One firefighter got a physical hold on the man’s arm and was able to pull him through the small window after the truck was completely underwater.

Once the man was free, firefighters placed the man into the tower ladder and both occupants were brought to shore.

Once on shore, the occupants were transferred to a hospital, though the female occupant refused medical treatment.

Firefighters and divers remained on scene and assisted with the securing and removal of the vehicle from the water.

No fire personnel were injured. The incident is under investigation by the Stamford Police.

The fire department put together a video compilation of the rescue on YouTube.