NEW YORK (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams lifted the only vaccine mandate in place for New York City public school students, which required COVID shots for those participating in most after-school activities, including competitive sports.

Before the school year started, parents were told students 5 and up needed to be full vaccinated to participate in high-risk after school activities. That changed on Tuesday.

“With so many tools now more easily accessible to keep New Yorkers safe from COVID-19, the additional flexibility we are announcing for private employers, students, and parents puts the choice back into each of their hands,” he said.

Over the summer, mom Tara Murphy had been frustrated over the vaccination requirement. While her 7-year-old daughter had received a shot, her 5-year-old child had not. She was thrilled when she heard about the change on Tuesday.

“When he said he that he was dropping it for student athletes and extracurriculars, tears streamed from my eyes,” she said. “It’s not just about doing after-school programming, it’s about being a part of a community at their school.”

Still – it wasn’t all good news for Murphy. She’s paid out of pocket to keep her kids in after-school activities since the start of the school year. Even though the mayor’s mandate was dropped for students, the protocol is being kept at her daughters’ school, where the enrichment program is run by a private organization Murphy said.

Maspeth assistant principal Jesse Pachter worried the change came too late for the fall sports season, especially when 10 minutes away on Long Island, there was no mandate in place. Pachter has hope for winter sports.

“We’re hoping there’s an increase in participation with this mandate being lifted,” he said.

Unvaccinated parents and visitors are still not allowed inside school buildings.

Correction: PIX11 initially reported a 7-year-old girl was fully vaccinated when she had only received one shot. The post had been updated.