NEW YORK (PIX11) — The 7-year old Brooklyn boy who went viral for a video declaring his love for corn was at City Harvest Monday afternoon, donating 50,000 cans of Green Giant corn for Thanksgiving meal boxes. 

The cans will head out on trucks Monday night and Tuesday. Green Giant also donated an additional 40,000 cans of other Thanksgiving vegetables. 

Tariq’s donation will help meet the growing demands at food pantries and soup kitchens around New York City. Visits still remain almost 70% above pre-pandemic levels, according to City Harvest. 

While standing amongst pallets of canned corn, Tariq explained why he loves corn.

“Corn is a vegetable, and vegetables are good for you,” he said.

He said it makes him feel great, knowing the corn will go to people who don’t have food for Thanksgiving. 

If you need help finding food, you can visit the City Harvest website.