NEW YORK (PIX11) —  Credits or discounts from congestion tolls could raise the price for other commuters driving into lower Manhattan up to $9, officials said on Thursday.

The MTA Traffic Mobility Review Board is tasked with how much to charge drivers and weighing the benefits of a billion-dollar revenue stream brought in from drivers entering 60th St. South in Manhattan.

MTA officials explained that the price to enter the congestion area will range from $9 to $23. However, the amount comes down to what discounts are given to different classes of drivers and vehicles. Some discounts or credits may apply to low-income drivers, those working overnight shifts, drivers who already pay costly tolls, and taxi drivers.

The MTA believes congestion pricing will make it less attractive to drive into Manhattan and reduce traffic by up to 20 percent.

PIX11 got an exclusive look at the tolling devices already being built on the avenues. They will be installed over the next few months as cameras capture license plate images of cars, charging anyone crossing into the central business district south of 60th St. in Manhattan.