NEW YORK (PIX11) — The looming threat of “tranq” exploding in New York City’s drug supply is a “concern to all of us,” Mayor Eric Adams told PIX11 Morning News on Monday, calling for federal leadership to help fight the scourge.

“When you look at this new drug and fentanyl, you’re going to see a substantial impact on the quality of life,” said Adams. “We really need national leadership on this issue, and we’re going to do our job locally.”

Though “tranq” is only showing up in a fraction of the city’s drug supply so far, it has already devastated Philadelphia, and New York is “not ready” for the impact that could be coming, an addiction expert recently told PIX11 News.

Adams also discussed other issues affecting New York, including e-bike battery fires, changes in FDNY leadership, subway crime statistics, and more.

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