FARMINGDALE, NY (PIX11) — In honor of the Car Free Day, commuters are encouraged to use greener ways to get around town.

Now in its 10th year, Car Free Day is recognized in more than 3,100 cities in 50 countries around the world. Rosemary Mascali started Car Free Day Long Island. She, along with Cathy Rinaldi, the interim president of Long Island Railroad and president of Metro-North, celebrated the milestone at Farmingdale State College. 

“Every time somebody takes a Long Island Railroad, or a bus, or rides a bike, or walks instead of driving, they help to improve the quality of the air on Long Island,” Rinaldi said.

According to transportation officials, thousands have taken the pledge, resulting in 53,472 miles saved, preventing 27 tons of carbon emissions. It’s made possible with the help from this coalition and commuters who use greener methods of transportation.

Yet there’s more work to be done. The transportation system is doing its part by implementing an electric bus fleet, commissioning two blocks of the mainline third track project, and providing additional services, such as the new terminal at Grand Central/ Madison, which is expected to begin at the end of this year.

According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, vehicles are one of the main sources of outdoor pollution and the fastest growing source of carbon emissions, which ultimately leads to climate change. The big concern on Long Island is people driving alone.

“It’s like 80% in Suffolk and 70% in Nassau County,” says Mascali.

“People may bike on the weekends, and use transit during the week, or telecommute a couple days a week. Now that’s huge in terms of the impact of reducing vehicle miles traveled,” she added.

Following those simple tips would bring us even closer to safeguarding our future.