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Thousands of dollars have been raised for a street vendor in the Bronx whose stand was raided by city crews. 

Video surfaced two weeks ago showing fresh food being tossed in a sanitation truck. She was found to be in violation of city permit requirements. 

On Saturday, Diana Hernandez Cruz received a check for $13,000 that was raised from a GoFundMe campaign. 

New York City Workers for Justice, a coalition of municipal employees, organized the campaign with the Street Vendor Project. 

They are also highlighting the issues facing the street vending industry. 

Stands on the sidewalk and vendors along the street are a source of fresh food and business for many families and neighborhoods in the city. 

New York City capped the number of vendor permits decades ago. City Council passed legislation in January that added 4,000 permits over the next decade.  

State legislation has been introduced that would allow vendors to become small business. It requires a hearing in Albany. 

The city has been enforcing vending permit regulations again. After this incident, the mayor said the food should not have been thrown away. Officials vowed change.