MANHATTAN (PIX11) — This holiday season, a toy store is giving away cash!

The CAMP store at Hudson Yards and financial company Ally have a claw machine full of 14 thousand eggs. Some are filled with cash, others with gift cards, toys and books. One in 10 eggs has cash inside. There are 25 eggs with $500 bucks and another 25 with $250 inside each.

The grand prize is an egg full of $25,000 in cash. It triggers a $25,000 donation of toys from CAMP to the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem.

“I would like to get the $25,000 egg to continue the programs that we do, or STEM program with the kids. Giving them exposure and even coming down here and letting them see this place is exciting. So all cash donations help us continue our program and serve more kids,” said Sharon Joseph, CEO of Boys and Girls Club of Harlem.

The CAMP store has sic locations in the tri-state area, but the claw machine is only at Hudson Yards. It runs through Dec. 11.

You can play online for a chance to win $10 thousand here.