NEW YORK (PIX11) — After a violent stretch on Rikers Island, Department of Correction Commissioner Louis Molina now wants the 800 people detained inside the George R. Vierno Center on Rikers to be locked in their cells for 17 hours per day. 

In a letter to the Board of Correction, Molina cited gang violence and said, “between Oct. 7 and Oct. 12, there were nine slashing and stabbings at GRVC.” 

The Board of Correction will consider Molina’s request during their Tuesday public meeting.

During a recent appearance on PIX on Politics, Molina explained, “we also inherited a system, a department that was on the brink of collapse, and we’re rebuilding.”

With 16 deaths in the city’s jails this year, Comptroller Brad Lander is now the first city-wide elected official to call for a federal receiver to take over managing Rikers. 

“There are some things that a receiver can do that the status quo cannot do,” Lander told PIX11 News. “A number of these things are about staffing and management.”

Campaign Zero founder DeRay Mckesson also supports a federal takeover of Rikers; he said, “New York City has proven that they cannot keep people safe in jail. They just cannot do it.”

The city is fighting to maintain control of Rikers. But, in a statement, Commissioner Molina explained, “many of those leading the call for receivership do not understand the amount of support and commitment to this work that’s needed to turn our jails around.”