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LOWER MANHATTAN — Despite the city’s continuing efforts to curb the bloodshed, gun violence remains out of control.

In total, police responded to seven shootings in the past 24 hours compared to none during the same period last year.

Community Advocate Tony Herbert believes it’s widespread.

“The number one issue, next to the pandemic, is public safety from times square to the Upper West Side to Brownsville, serious concerns about that.”

Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced “Safe Summer NYC,” a plan that focuses on putting more officers in high crime neighborhoods. Over 200 cops will shift from administrative duties to street patrol. That’s still a drop compared to the 300 officers moved to the streets last summer.

The city will also put on various programs — night basketball games at 100 locations, gun buy-back programs, a return of Operation Ceasefire where community members talk to gang members and rolling out a safe parks plan — to attempt to curb the violence. Officers are also moving around on bikes for quicker access to neighborhoods.