NEW YORK (PIX11) — Drag story hour is set to continue at the New York Public Library, despite recent protests in New York City.

The library’s website boasts a bilingual drag story hour set for March 14. Children will watch a local drag performer, who is trained by children’s librarians, and are introduced to drag as a form of dress-up and play in two languages.

Drag queen story hour was started in San Francisco in 2015. Chapters have opened across the United States, including New York City.

In the past, similar drag literary events have sparked strong emotions from both supporters and protesters in New York City. 

In Jackson Heights in December, protesters held signs and banners in support of a drag story hour event at Queens public library. Demonstrators also showed up, claiming children should not be subject to the literary readings by performers. Police were called to the event for crowd patrol. 

During other local events, members of the Proud Boys and other protesters have shown up with signs and shouting chants. 

New York City Councilmember Erik Bottcher has helped organize local drag story hours. In December, anti-drag protesters vandalized the councilman’s home and office with hateful graffiti.

“The kids were really enjoying the books, it was like any other story hour,” he previously told PIX11.

In a statement, Drag Story Hour NYC said it supports Bottcher and will expand the program.

Research by LGBTQ+ advocacy group GLAAD found at least 141 drag performances were threatened or attacked in 2022.