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SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y.  — Police say an actor known for his role in the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” has been arrested in upstate New York after a fight with a girlfriend.

Saratoga Springs police Lt. Bob Jillson says Nicholas Brendon faces charges of robbery, obstruction of breathing and criminal mischief. Brendon played Xander Harris in the show.

Police say the girlfriend told officers called to a downtown hotel Wednesday night she had gone to return property to Brendon and intended to leave. They say Brendon objected, took her car keys and cellphone and started choking her.

Brendon was arrested nearby. He was released from jail Thursday after posting bond. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer. He hasn’t commented on his Facebook page.

The arrest is the latest in a string for the Sherman Oaks, California, resident over the past year.

Brendon taped a segment on Dr. Phil in late August, which he walked off during the middle of the interview. He later posted a Facebook post about the incident.

“I always have and always will take full responsibility for my actions. I will also defend my loved ones. I am grateful for the support of my family, girlfriend and my wonderful fans. By no means am I a perfect person, but I am also not the monster as portrayed by this show,” Brendon said in the post.