BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — A Brooklyn mother who died of ovarian cancer is giving a gift to thousands of people after her death.

Casey McIntyre, 38, announced her own passing on her social media accounts in a message written before her death. The now-viral message includes a link to a fundraiser to pay off other people’s medical debt. The RIP Medical Debt campaign has raised more than $130,000 in just a few days.

McIntyre’s husband, Andrew Rose Gregory, told PIX11 News that he and Casey were lucky enough to have good medical insurance through her job.

“Casey believed, and I strongly believe, medical debt is not something that needs to exist in our country. It’s the number one cause of personal bankruptcy,” Gregory said.

Allison Sesso, the CEO of, told PIX11 News that the money raised will be used to buy up medical debt directly from hospitals. They will have hospitals in the Northeast since that is where McIntyre grew up.

“We will buy that debt for pennies on the dollar and be able to get rid of $10 million of medical debt. We will send letters out to any individuals whose debt we buy. They don’t have to take any action on their own,” Sesso said.

McIntyre was a publicist and a publisher. Gregory said he’s not surprised at the success of her fundraiser.

“I can’t but help but think that Casey, as a publicist, has pulled off one last, very good publicity job,” Gregory said.

You can find a link to the fundraiser here.