BROOKLYN (PIX11) — One Brooklyn chef has made it her mission to help feed the hungry in her community with the help of formerly incarcerated women.

Sharon Richardson has been cooking from a kitchen in Bed-Stuy for years to feed families in need in her neighborhood.  Now, thanks to an angel investor, she has a new headquarters and kitchen in Dumbo and she’s hiring a whole new team of women as part of her ongoing efforts to help formerly incarcerated women get back on their feet.

It was an assembly line of kindness outside Calvary Baptist church in Red Hook back in July 2020 when PIX11 News first met Richardson, the founder of nonprofit organization Reentry Rocks. At the time, she was helping feed her community during the pandemic. 

Richardson was serving delicious mac n’ cheese, collard greens, corn bread, meatballs and fried fish. She was feeding families in her community and training and hiring formerly incarcerated women to do the cooking.  Richardson knows first hand how hard it is to get a job after incarceration; she got out of prison 12 years ago.

Richardson was given a massive new training kitchen in Dumbo by an angel investor who loved what she was doing for her community.  Now she can help even more women get a fresh start. With a new location, Richardson says she has a new goal to hire a whole new team of women who need second chances.