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PARKVILLE, Brooklyn (PIX11) — A tow truck driver helped rescue a teenage boy who was struck by an NYPD van in Brooklyn and pinned underneath the vehicle Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, the 13-year-old was struck by the school safety van when it swerved to avoid a car that made a left turn in front of it on Coney Island Avenue near Ditmas Avenue.

The boy was not in a marked crosswalk when he was hit.

His book bad got caught on the van’s bumper, dragging him underneath.

A driver from Precision Auto Body, Jaswynder Singh, was near the scene and used his truck to lift the van to get the teen out.

“I saw somebody under the vehicle so I didn’t think twice. I tried to help him,” Singh told PIX11. “It’s the first time God gave me a chance to save somebody and I did.”

The teen was taken to Kings County Hospital and is in stable condition.