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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — If you’ve been watching my stories for a while you may recall this character Nathan Smith.

I was chasing him since back in 2013. He was pulling an apartment scam in Brooklyn,luring people with ads on Craigslist. They’d make deals to rent nice apartments then get hit for unspoken charges. If they balked, they were out their deposit. We thought we’d be able to help Reina Meiki, a Japanese student who was out some dough.

She’d gotten an attorney, Jerald Kreppel, to help her. They had a street corner meeting with Nathan. But he refused to pay her court costs and the deal fell apart.

Big mistake by Nathan because other people came forward and complained to the 94th Precinct. And one day, the NYPD lowered the boom on Nathan Smith. He got busted.

His case was resolved with Nathan having to make restitution to the people he duped. Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson presented most of the checks himself.

Reina got $1,000 back. It looks like Nathan Smith’s shady dealings are all resolved.